Prairie Park Prairie Education and Restoration Project

Join Grassland Heritage Foundation and Native Lands LLC, in partnership with Lawrence Parks and Recreation, this fall for unique opportunities to learn about our native prairie landscape! We will be embarking on a new prairie reconstruction project in the heart of Lawrence that focuses in on why and how we can protect our prairie spaces. We are excited to foster an educational space that benefits our entire community, from students to trail users to insects and wildlife.

See below for an overview of the project and descriptions of our upcoming events!

Prairie Park is located at 2811 Kensington Road, Lawrence, KS, 66046.


This park is a city park and is adjacent to Prairie Park Nature Center and Preserve, just south of Prairie Park Elementary School.

Project Overview

Map of the Project Site

Grassland Heritage Foundation and Native Lands LLC, in partnership with Lawrence Parks and Recreation, Haskell Indian Nations University, and Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education, will be leading a new, two-year prairie education and restoration project in Lawrence, KS. We will be reviving a five acre piece of park land by removing trees and invasive plants and re-establishing native prairie plants, engaging our community and volunteers at every step along the way. This project has been generously funded by a grant from the Douglas County Heritage Conservation Council.

Our Prairie Park project will feature:

  • Volunteer workdays and community education events

  • Internships for Haskell Indian Nations University students

  • Field trips for local students

  • The development of an online course for Kansas educators through the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education

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Upcoming Events

Fall Prairie Restoration Volunteer Workdays

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2022- 5 pm to 7 pm: Sericea Lespedeza and Bradford Pear Removal

  • Saturday, October 8, 2022- 9 am to 12 pm: Native Plants and Their Indigenous Importance and Uses

  • Saturday, October 29, 2022- 1 pm to 4 pm: Bush Honeysuckle Removal

If you are interested in learning about prairie restoration and how we support our existing prairies, these workdays are for you! This fall, we will be starting the process of removing invasive trees and plants from the site, as well as sharing the importance of protecting our native plants.  We need your help to clear away trees and other woody plants that outcompete our native prairie species. No experience needed- prairie experts will be there to guide you and answer any questions that you may have.

If you plan to attend any of the workdays at Prairie Park this fall, please RSVP using the following form:


We will be sending email reminders before each workday and will contact you at the email you provide if we need to reschedule the event due to weather or other circumstances.

Please make sure that you come prepared for working outdoors. This includes bringing a water bottle, snacks, bug spray, sun block, and a hat. Be sure to wear long pants and sturdy, close-toed shoes. We will be providing all necessary tools and gloves, but feel free to bring your own if you are more comfortable.

Prairie Park Restoration Workdays Fall 2022 FB Post.png

Seed Collection for the Prairie Park Project

Date, Time, and Location TBD

We will be hosting one seed collection workday on Saturday, September 17th. The location of the seed collection will be shared soon, but it will be nearby the project site to ensure we are preserving local plant genetics in our restoration.

This event is open to folks of all ages and experience, and are especially family-friendly. Prairie experts will lead you through the event and answer any questions you may have. Seed collecting is one of the best ways to learn about our native plants while enjoying all that the prairie has to offer.

Save your paper bags! We use paper bags to store and sort our collected seed, and we could always use a few more. Paper bag donations are appreciated (nearly any size is helpful and bags with handles are great).

For any questions about upcoming events or about the project, please send an email to Kaitlyn at

This project has been funded entirely by a grant from the Douglas County Heritage Conservation Council. However, the content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not officially represent the views of the Douglas County Heritage Conservation Council.