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The Little Prairie at Little Prairie Community Garden

GHF is excited to establish and maintain a native plant demonstration garden at Little Prairie Community Garden in Lawrence! Lovingly named The Little Prairie at Little Prairie Community Garden, GHF has created a new native plant garden to create habitat for pollinators that will benefit the both the community garden and the surrounding ecosystem.


As we maintain and grow the garden, we will be hosting workshops that will provide active, hands-on native plant gardening education. This approach will help us both create a wonderful garden space for our community and cultivate a space for folks to learn more about native plant gardening. We will be documenting our process as a resource for other gardeners looking for an example of how a garden may progress through the seasons.


The Little Prairie was planted in June of 2021 and we are excited to care for the space and watch it grow!

Spring Native Plant Gardening Workshops

Unfortunately, due to wet soil and chilly and rainy weather, our May 21st workshop has been postponed to June 4th from 1 pm to 3 pm. We hope that you can join us at this rescheduled date!


The workshops will cover many of the basics of native plant gardening, including planning and basic garden design, prepping the garden site, selecting proper plants, and planting and early garden maintenance. Both of the workshops this spring will be hosted outdoors at our garden- this will allow us to show examples from the garden of how we approach native plant gardening! After our presentation and discussion, we invite you to join us in our native garden to put some of these skills to the test and help us continue to maintain and grow our educational garden space. At our April workshop, garden activities will include site preparation and garden planning. And at the May workshop, we will be planting in more plants to fill in the garden and expand upon the work that we began last year.


With green space adjacent to the garden itself, there will be lots of room to socially distance as we discuss the topics of the workshop that day- bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on while we talk. 

We welcome gardeners of all ages and abilities to participate in these our workshops and to help us take care of this garden. One of the key goals of this project, keeping with the goals of Little Prairie Community Garden as a whole, is to provide a space for those interested in gardening who may not have a space to garden in of their own. This garden will be built by our community and for our community and we are honored to continue facilitating such an exciting project!

RSVP for the workday is required! Please RSVP using the button below.

Little Prairie Community Garden is a city-sponsored community garden located just north of Peterson Park on Nigel Drive in Lawrence (Click here for the location). The community garden is allotted over an acre of land and is designated as a community garden through a program sponsored by the city of Lawrence called Common Ground. Our native plant garden will be located along the southwest corner of the garden area, with room to expand in future years. To learn more about Little Prairie Community Garden, visit their Facebook page.

About Little Prairie Community Garden
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