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GHF's Core Values

•    Prairies are fundamental elements of our ecological, cultural, and economic heritage. 

•    As unique reservoirs of biological diversity and providers of ecological services, prairies must be maintained for future generations.

•    Our understanding of the ecology of prairies and the formulation of management practices that maintain their health must be science-driven. 

•    Education affords people of all ages the opportunity to learn about and better appreciate the diverse benefits of prairies. 

•    Children and adults derive emotional, creative, and intellectual benefits from visiting and learning about prairies. 

•    Volunteers and citizen scientists are essential in promoting and implementing the mission of Grassland Heritage Foundation. 

Grassland Heritage Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) land trust organization dedicated to preserving prairies in eastern Kansas through education, stewardship, and land protection. GHF promotes this mission in northeast Kansas, where populations of the federally threatened Mead's milkweed and the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid can be found on tallgrass prairie remnants. Many of these remnants are in need of protection.

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