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The Rachel Snyder Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Snyder Memorial Scholarships of up to $1,000 are awarded in early 2023 to students for research on prairie ecology, conservation, and/or Monarch butterflies and other pollinators native to Kansas. Preference will be given to graduate students at Kansas universities.


About the Scholarship

The Rachel Snyder Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to graduate and undergraduate students attending a Kansas college or university by Grassland Heritage Foundation. The scholarship began in 2000 with funds donated in memory of Rachel Snyder. It was originally given to high school students planning to study biology or journalism at a state college. It then evolved into a scholarship awarded to graduate students studying prairie-related topics. The scholarship fund has been sustained through donations from Susan Lordi Marker and other dedicated member donations. GHF requests that recipients of the scholarship share the results of their research through GHF newsletter articles and/or public presentations. 

About Rachel Snyder

Rachel was dedicated to prairie land preservation. In 1974 she purchased a farm near Mayetta, Kansas that contained a native prairie. She wished for her farm to be forever conserved, and she deeded it to GHF in 1984. When GHF took ownership, her farm became known as Snyder Prairie. Rachel was a journalist and she was, for many years, the editor of Flower and Garden Magazine in Kansas City. She authored two books on gardening, The Complete Book for Gardeners in 1964 and Gardening in the Heartland in 1992.

Scholarship Application

GHF is currently accepting proposals through February 28, 2023. GHF will award scholarship funds in March 2023. Download the scholarship application below. Please submit questions or completed applications to

Support the Scholarship

To continue to award the scholarship, financial support is necessary. You can support the scholarship by designating your GHF membership dues or making a separate donation to the scholarship fund. Click here to make a donation today!

Past Recipients
2023: August Brunette (Kansas State University)
Prairie bee community composition along a precipitation gradient in Kansas
2023: Tucker Eckols (Emporia State University)

Understanding the dynamic relationship between tree stands and woody  encroachment in the tallgrass prairie

2023: Max Proctor (Wichita State University)
What goes in must come out: Comparison of nutrients in bison and cattle dung and effects on development of dung beetles
2022: Emily Wedel (Kansas State University)
The effects of patch-burn grazing on fire intensity and woody cover in tallgrass prairie

2022: Ashley Wojciechowski (Kansas University)  
The effects of imposed drought and nutrient availability on microbial biomass and soil enzyme activity in a restored grassland

2022: Nicholas Vega Anguiano (Kansas State University)      
Does grazing by bison and cattle have a similar impact on tallgrass prairie N-cycling?

2022: Brandon Frant (Emporia State University)  
Are Bison Wallows Important for Migratory Shorebirds?

2022: Samantha Skerlec (Wichita State University)    
Legacy of past drying events on larval and juvenile anuran fitness

2021: Caitlin Broderick (Kansas State University)

Drought sensitivity of soil microbial communities across restored tallgrass prairies

2021: Connor Champney (Fort Hays State University)

Using Grassland Birds as Indicator Species for Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat Presence in Western Kansas

2021 Jeane Thompson (Emporia State University)

Do Behavioral Tendencies Represent Reproductive Tradeoffs in Female Dickcissels

2021: Krista Ward (Wichita State University)

Effects of Recolonization of Vertebrates on Intermittent Stream Pools After Drying in Prairie Ecosystems

2020: Bethany Roberton

Effects of seasonal burn treatments on native perennial plants and pollinator recruitment


2020: Haley Burrill

Using native pathogen buildup  to inhibit invasive Lespedeza cuneate: a novel biocontrol approach


2020: Jacqueline Baum

Effects of white-tailed deer browsing in grasslands near agricultural and wooded edges within the Great Plains


2020: Jessica Butters

The effects of fire and grazing on ground nesting bees


2019: Naomi Betson

Effects of sampling date on observed biodiversity in an experimental tallgrass prairie restoration

2019: Kent Connell

Maximizing the impact of prairie restoration on carbon sequestration within soil organic matter

2019: Jaide Allenbrand

Investigating the effect of bison grazing on grassland soil fertility and microbial communities across the central Great Plains

2018: Theo Michaels
Prairie Monoliths as Catalysts for Restoration
2018: Emily Kaemmar
Restoring Prairie Soil Microbes with Tailored Compost
2018: Pam Blackmore
Butterflies, Tallgrass Prairie, and Green Roofs
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